Robust power system stabilizer design with H∞ theory

  • Ali Nejati
  • MohammadTaghi HamidiBeheshti
  • Marjaneh Farhoodi
Keywords: Robust stability, Power system stabilizer, Uncertainty, Robust performance, Robust control.


In this paper, the H∞ robust control technique is presented to design a power system stabilizer. First, the H∞ standard problem is expressed and then, the modeling and stability analysis of power systems are studied. Finally, a H∞ power system stabilizer is designed and the simulation results are discussed.
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Nejati, A., HamidiBeheshti, M., & Farhoodi, M. (2009). Robust power system stabilizer design with H∞ theory. Majlesi Journal of Electrical Engineering, 1(1), 35-41.