Improvement in the Transmission Coefficient of Photonic Crystal Power Splitter Using Selective Optofluidic Infiltration

  • Mahsa Bazargani
  • Behnaz Gharekhanlou Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch
  • Mehdi Banihashemi
Keywords: photonic crystal, optofluidic, bandgap, splitter


In this paper, a 1 * 2 all-optical power splitter has been presented which is suitable for the third window of optical communications based on photonic crystal structures. This structure can provide a 50% transmission coefficient at a wavelength of 1550 nm in each splitter output branch. The device has been designed based on an input waveguide, two output waveguides, and an L4 resonant cavity in which the transmission coefficient of the structure is improved by infiltrating an optical fluid in some holes without any changes in the place and size of the radius of holes.


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