Crosstalk Enhancement in 32 nm FD SOI MOSFET using HR Substrate and Multilayer BOX

  • Parisa Tavanazadeh
  • Arash Daghighi
  • Homayoun Mahdavi-Nasab
Keywords: ultra thin body silicon-on-insulator MOSFET, parasitic capacitance, high resistivity substrate, crosstalk, diamond


In this paper, the crosstalk in 32 nm UTB SOI MOSFET is examined by using a new structure, a high resistivity substrate, and a multilayer BOX (SiO2-Diamond). The electrical and thermal characteristics of the conventional SOI and a multilayer BOX SOI are compared, and it is concluded that parasitic capacitances and crosstalk are improved by incorporating multilayer BOX to a HR Substrate. In a conventional HR FD SOI, crosstalk is approximately -121dB, while by incorporating multilayer BOX substrate and increasing the thickness of the Diamond to 100nm, crosstalk can be reduced by 20%.

Author Biographies

Parisa Tavanazadeh
M.Sc student, Islamic azad university,najaf abad baranch
Arash Daghighi
Assistant professor, faculty of Engineering, shahrekord University
Homayoun Mahdavi-Nasab
Assistant professor, faculty of Engineering, Islamic azad university,najaf abad baranch


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