Sophisticated Microgrid Communication System Management

  • Alaa Naji Dakhal Al Hussein Directorate General of Education in Holy Karbala Province, Iraq.
  • Maytham Khudhair Abbas Department of Chemical engineering, College of engineering, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq.
  • Emad Jadeen Abdualsada Alshebaney Department of Chemical engineering, College of engineering, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq.
  • Mohammed Madhi Faraj Janabi Directorate General of Education in Al-Qadisiyah Province, Iraq.
Keywords: Smart Grid, Power System Simulation, Power System Protection, Communication in Smart Grid


Conversation and assurance issues play a crucial function when talking regarding to the wise grid. This particular paper presents opportunities of testing power framework assurance transfers and correspondence standards for smart supply. A depiction in the Smart Grid lab hardware and the key protection devices is usually presented in the paper. Further employ cases and uses offered by the Labrador equipment are referred to and the possibilities by dynamically setting up devices and program interaction are demonstrated. Ideas for the mix of checked and controllable decentralized vitality sources are demonstrated the network capacity and Quality of Services (QoS) are tested and evaluated.  By implementing adaptive modulation scheme, the served users were increased by 10% at heavy Traffic Load (TL).


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