Two-dimensional Photonic Crystal Sensor for Detection of Biomaterial

  • Zohreh Dorrani Department of Electrical Engineering, Payam Noor University (PNU), Iran.
Keywords: Biomaterial, Sensitivity, Sensor, Two-dimensional Photonic Crystal


Biological components including cells, proteins, and nucleic acids have been studied by using biological sensors. All compounds in the organisms have sensors with identical mechanical sensors. Most of these sensors are specific cells which are sensitive to physical characteristics of outside environment including light, motion, temperature, magnetic-field, gravity, moisture, vibration, pressure, electrical fields, and sound. Since biosensors could be fabricated by using photonic crystals, these structures are used in designing the sensor due to the unique characteristics of photonic crystals. Refractive index around the sensing hole was changed and output transmission spectrum was studied. By changing refractive index, transmission spectrum undergoes measurable change and biomolecule could be measured by sensor in mentioned conditions. Results have shown that this sensor has good sensitivity for measuring small dimensions. In addition, high speed, high quality, simple structure, as well as higher sensitivity are other characteristics of photonic crystal sensors compared to other sensors.  


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