Cost-Effective Colour Sensor Construction

  • Kazım Zengin Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Kırklareli University, Kırklareli, Turkey
  • Cem Atılgan Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Kırklareli University, Kırklareli, Turkey
  • Evren Çağlarer Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Kırklareli University, Kırklareli, Turkey
Keywords: Colour Sensor, LDR, Arduino


In parallel with the rapid development of automation systems, there is a growing need to perceive different physical quantities in the industry. Various sensors have been developed to meet this need. Be affordable sensors, in terms of investment costs of systems and maintenance as well as repair costs are gaining importance. One of the commonly used sensors in automation is colour sensors. Colour sensors are frequently used in production lines especially for detecting defective products. Two general methods are used in colour sensors. The first of these methods is performed by camera and video processing microcontroller however this method is costly. Another method is the use of light source and LDR or phototransistor. The sensors produced by this method are more cost effective. These sensors have different types. In this study, a simple colour sensor was obtained by using white light source and three LDRs coated with red, green, blue film as well as arduino uno. The results obtained are compared with the RGB colour code table.  In this way, the construction of a simple colour sensor has been studied in detail.


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