Reliability and Cost Optimization of Multi-Input Bidirectional DC/DC Converter Implemented in Renewable Sources

  • Farhad Abbasi University of Tabriz
  • Mehdi Abapour University of Tabriz
Keywords: Multi-input DC/DC converter, Reliability calculation, Cost optimization, Renewable energy


Due to increasing use of renewable energy sources, employing dc/dc converters as interface is proliferated. Among various dc/dc topologies, utilizing multi-input converters due to higher reliability and flexibility is more widespread. This paper evaluates the reliability of the multi-input dc/dc converter, besides carrying out cost calculation to achieve the cost-effective and reliable converter. Furthermore, diagrams of various reliability factors versus the converter’s branches are demonstrated based on mathematical equations and simulation values for both of the parallel and standby redundant modes in order to reach an optimal number of branches in each mode. The results show that the optimal number of branches in terms of reliability or cost factor is different and can vary based on some parameters like output power or component’s type.


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