Utilization of a New Meta Heuristic Algorithm to Minimize Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

  • Hamed Hosseinnia
  • Daryoush Nazarpour Department of Electrical Power Engineering, Urmia University
Keywords: Cascade H-Bridge inverter (CHB), Space vector Modulation (SVM), Cat Swarm Optimization (CSO), Total Harmonic distortion (THD).


Recently applications of multilevel inverter become more convenient in power electronic. The Output closes to sinusoidal wave form, capability of creating high value of voltage or current, less blocking voltage on switches and…, made multilevel inverter popular in more application. There are several type of multilevel converter such as: neutral point diode clamped, fly capacitor and cascade H-Bridge. The cascade H-bridge inverter (CHB) is very popular then other multilevel inverter because its control is very simple in compare with others. The new approach of seven levels Space vector modulation (SVM) is utilized to produce required fundamental voltage in CHB. Cat swarm optimization (CSO) is introduced as a new meta heuristic algorithm to minimize total harmonic distortion (THD), switching parameters tuned and this value has been compared with arbitrary values. The simulation results have been carried out using MATLAB/SIMULINK Software


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