Robust Stability and Robust H2 and H-infinity Output-Feedback Control of a Magnetic Bearing System via LMI Optimization

  • MohammadReza Davoodi
  • Fatemeh Jamshidi
Keywords: Magnetic Bearing System, Robust Stability, Output-Feedback Control, Robust and Robust Control, LMI Optimization


 This paper offers a design procedure for robust stability, robust H-infinity control and robust H2 control via dynamic output feedback for a class of uncertain linear systems. The uncertainties are of norm bounded type. Then in order to support a high-speed energy storage flywheel, these procedures are applied to an active radial magnetic bearing system. The state space matrices of this controller are the solution of some linear matrix inequalities (LMIs).


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Davoodi, M., & Jamshidi, F. (2010). Robust Stability and Robust H2 and H-infinity Output-Feedback Control of a Magnetic Bearing System via LMI Optimization. Majlesi Journal of Electrical Engineering, 3(4), 28-34.