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Majlesi Journal of Electrical Engineering
Special issue on Role of Advanced Power and Control Technologies in the Evolution of Smart Grid
Submission Deadline: July 30,  2022
First Round of Review:August 15, 2022
Final Result:August 30, 2022
Publication Date:December 2022



             In power system, electric grid means a vast and variable setup of electrical components that distribute electrical energy from the generating locations to the user end. The electric grid is deliberated to be a technological prodigy in handling so many generating units, high megawatts of generating capacity and several miles of transmission lines. A grid would be more efficient when more resiliency is added into the existing electrical network and made ready for diffident unavoidable tragedies and natural calamities. Therefore, if some extra powerful features are supplemented to the existing grid then it becomes a smart grid. The extra powerful features can be advanced power and control techniques application in grid operation. This will make the existing grid network more efficient, faster in power transmission and self-repair after power disturbances, inexpensive, improved security etc. Through smart grid, the power system becomes smart by communicating, sensing, control and applying intelligence. For ideal system, the smart grid technologies are more compatible to permit many functions which can optimize with the combination of the use of bulk generation and transmission. 

          This special issue on “Role of advanced power and control technologies in the evolution of smart grid” focuses on latest research results and exchange views on the future research directions. The special issue invites the original contributions, but not limited to, the themes and topics in following areas of research:

  • Overview of future smart grid technologies
  • Application of advanced power technologies in smart grid
  • Advanced techniques for control of smart grid
  • Control and communication techniques in smart grid
  • Big data management in smart grid
  • Optimization methods and energy management in smart grid
  • Wide area monitoring, protection and control in future smart grid
  • Enhancing smart grid with microgrids: challenges and opportunities
  • Design and operation of sustainable energy systems
  • Smart grid and green energy integration
  • Operation and control of renewable energy sources
  • Smart grid and smart cities modeling
  • Forecasting techniques for renewable energy sources and loads 
  • Electric vehicle systems for smart grid
  • Application of phasor measurement unit in smart grid
  • Distributed generation and distributed storage
  • Agent-based smart grid simulation
  • Decision support approaches for smart grids
  • Electricity market modeling and simulation for the integration of renewable sources
  • Intelligent approaches for smart grid management
  • Multi-agent applications for smart grids
  • Emerging and advanced green energy technologies
  • Energy efficiency and rationale use of energy
  • Energy and environment
  • IoT and big data applications for energy systems
  • Optimization models to foster demand response in smart grid


Guest Editors:

Dr. Cheng Li,


Department of Vehicle Engineering, School of Rail Transportation, 

Soochow University, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China.

Interests: Mechanical Problems in Renewable Energy, Smart Grid Dynamics, Dynamics in Power Systems, Mechanical Analysis and Optimization of Smart Materials and Structures, Energy and Engineering Economy, Building Environment and Heat Transfer, Micro/nano-mechanics, Chaotic Dynamics and Control in Power System.



Google Scholar Profile:

Dr. Surender Reddy Salkuti

Associate Professor,

Department of Railroad and Electrical Engineering,

Woosong University, Daejeon, Republic of Korea - 34606.

Interests: Market Clearing including Renewable Energy Sources, Demand Response, Smart Grid development with integration of wind and solar PV Energy Sources, Artificial Intelligence applications in Power Systems, Power System Analysis and Optimization, Energy and environmental economics, Multi-objective optimization.


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